Our latest update - 2022

Our latest update - 2022

Hello PartySquad.

We know lately, things aren't moving as planned. We've been working hard to constantly release updates, even letting the community take our leadership. However, no matter how much effort we put, there have been no positive outcomes.

We want to be transparent as possible, the $PARTY team never sold anything outside our team allocation, and for the last batch, we did use it only to pay our devs to release our new Aggregator.

Sadly, the previous leadership of the project didn't commit to paying the expenses that were required to make the Aggregator, so we had to sell part of our allocation tokens to pay the expenses.

Right now, we lack funding to continue to release constant updates. We have part of our allocation unlocked, but we haven't used it yet and plan not to. Also, the amount worth it is not big enough to pay for any development outside our core team.

Also, the NFT project didn't sell the minimum expected to fund anything, and most of the mints shown in the website were given in our NFT airdrop.

As the previous community leader decided, the Aggregator was released, but with no success to attract users. We want to be transparent that the previous community leader left because our dev team didn't add a minimal user interface detail that didn't affect the aggregator usage. For us, this mostly meant he wasn't interested in the project anymore.

We have plans to keep the discussion active, but:

1) NFT project will remain off for the moment.

2) We will change $PARTY V2 tokenomics (by burning tokens).

3) We will decide the proper steps to move forward in terms of token usage.

PartySwap, for now, will deactivate the Jacuzzi and the farms, and we will soon update the website to add a disclaimer.

In the next two months, we will release a new plan regarding PARTY V2 future. We will probably take two approaches:

1) Decide what usage we want to give to our token and leave the farming aside.

2) Release our platform in a new chain to get more traction and activity (allowing our users to swap PARTY V2 tokens to the new chain).

We are also open to getting investors for an allocation of tokens or selling part of the project to them. Anyone interested, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Thanks for your support.