The most reliable Avalanche swap yet.


Swap and party with us!

Our platform offers fast and cheap transactions powered with AVAX Blockchain, so our users don’t miss the fun while trading tokens.


Join our piñata party and get rewards!

We offer secure and audited smart contracts for our users, allowing them to generate revenue with little risk. You are welcome to check our piñata's list and choose which one you will break!

Our Token

The PartySwap token is here!

$YAY is the token we offer as a reward for our users. We will provide utility for it through different activities we will drop in our platform. Check our roadmap!


Staking Pools

Jump the jacuzzi and chill.

Do you have $YAY tokens in your pocket? You can stake them in our jacuzzis to generate more! Chill and see your savings increase.


Third Party Audit.

We take the security of our protocol very seriously, so we had a professional team to verify our code.

Coming Soon

Partying is always better with friends