Welcome our 'Boosted Piñata' pairs!

Posted Wednesday Nov 10, 2021

Welcome our 'Boosted Piñata' pairs!

Hello, #PartySquad. As we already mentioned in our previous blog post, PartySwap has the last move to improve the APR in our Piñata pairs: Boosted Piñatas!

Basically, in the current piñatas, the rewards are distributed taking in consideration the liquidity injected in each pair. That makes smaller piñata pairs have fewer APRs, while our contract sends more of the coins to the biggest pairs alone. This is an important issue we want to fix.

With the new piñatas, which we decided to call "Boosted Piñatas," the rewards will be distributed fairly only based on the pairs' pool weight (multiplier). So basically, now we will decide how many coins each pair will give, no matter the liquidity injected.

Do I have to do anything?

Yes, if you already provide liquidity, you'll need to move the LP tokens to the new piñatas (you won't need to remove the liquidity). However, some pairs with small participation will be removed entirely in the latest version. If, by any chance, the pair where you provide liquidity is not available anymore, you can inject liquidity into a different pool instead.

What are the pairs that will be listed?

(Also, more pairs might join during the release date).

With the current improvements, we also decided to spotlight the funniest coins on the platform, considered meme coins, to track volume into PartySwap. Our marketing strategy will also focus on joining the fun coins!

Release date?

We are aiming to release the new piñatas by Monday next week. No exact time yet. We will post more information on our official Twitter account.

About PartySwap

PartySwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) launched in Avalanche where you can do permissionless swaps between currencies, earn interests in farms and liquidity pools in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem.

If you have inquiries about our platform, please don't feel afraid to ask! [email protected]

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