Roadmap Analysis

Posted Saturday Jul 03, 2021

Welcome, #PartySquad members! We are happy to see you here. In this new blog post, we want to dig deeper into our roadmap, adding extra details to what we have shown before in our announcement.

As you can see, our roadmap has six main points:

  1. NFT Collectibles Section
  2. Governance
  3. Lottery, profile customization, and more (games)
  4. General Platform Improvements
  5. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and Subnet

NFT Collectibles Section

We plan to create a smart contract for this application that allows users to collect NFTs, using $PARTYs to pay them off. So how does that incentive $PARTY price action? First off, NFTs are fun to own, and since we are a website focused on the brand and the visual aspects, we want to create graphics that stand out from the rest.

We will make a system where people have incentives to collect our NFTs, such as price appreciation over time or just having fun by collecting them. The exciting part is that every $PARTY used to pay for these products will be burn, decreasing the token's total supply while increasing the price over time. By doing this, PartySwap creates incentives to create price appreciation on its coin ($PARTY) while also offering services that benefit our users.

Our NFT collectibles section will be divided into seasons that will come out each quarter of the year. Each season will have specific NFTs to collect, with different creative and fun themes. There will also be rewards for the users that accumulate all the NFTs of each season. Unfortunately, we can't say more, but more details will come out in the future.


Our governance proposal is very similar to what's known in the ecosystem already. We will apply a model where users can vote with their tokens to allow modifications within our pairs and jacuzzis, and other services on our platform. For example, the community will be allowed to vote to make specific changes in our piñatas' listings by adding, modifying attributes, or delisting tokens. The same thing will apply to all the other applications inside our app while also giving users the power to vote to create specific products. In addition, a percentage of our treasury will be destined to the governance model, so users can manage how they want us to use the funds.

Lottery, profile customization, and more (games)

We plan to release different games in our application; some will use smart contracts, and others won't. We will start by developing a lottery, where people will participate using $PARTY tokens. We also plan to create an interface for users to customize their profiles by choosing a profile pic and customize other attributes that we will reveal soon.

For the games section, we plan to release different activities for our $PARTY holders: from gambling to friendly games that will offer our users the opportunity to accumulate more tokens (or lose them too). We have many plans for this area of the website, but we don't want to reveal much information. However, you can assure that some of the most popular crypto games will be the first to be released; after that, we will constantly experiment to create different approaches for users to collect more $PARTY by playing video games.

General Platform Improvements

With this point, we mean to improve and make better everything that we already have on our website. These changes will start "day one" after our platform is released. Some of these improvements are:

DAO and Subnet

Finally, we plan to implement a DAO (a Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to provide power to our $PARTY token holders. With these changes, communities will have more capabilities to make core modifications to our platform, giving our users more control over the project.

About the Subnet, we plan to integrate a PartySwap network among Avalanche's system. The benefits of this will be further explained later in a new blog post, probably after our platform release.

We aim to deliver both of these services by the start of next year, but we will give more information regarding these goals in an updated roadmap coming after the project release.

About PartySwap

PartySwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) launched in Avalanche where you can do permissionless swaps between currencies, earn interests in farms and liquidity pools in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem.

If you have inquiries about our platform, please don't feel afraid to ask! [email protected]

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