PartySwap Weekly #1 - Our launch day!

Posted Saturday Sep 18, 2021

PartySwap Weekly #1 - Our launch day!

Hello, #PartySquad! We are proud to announce our weekly update post. Here we will let you know what major changes our platform had and will have.

The first week of PartySwap was a little messy, but we worked hard to fix every issue we had. However, some things might need a lot more work to improve completely.

We changed our pairs 🤑

The first day of PartySwap had a major issue with the rewards distribution. Therefore, we decided to stabilize these rewards by improving the non-native token pools. We decided to remove and add certain pairs based on that premise while also modifying pairs' multipliers.

Delisted pairs

New pairs

Multiplier changes

To read more about these changes, click here.

We fixed our APR 🔍

On launch day, we had many issues with the Piñatas' and Jacuzzi's APR. However, we are proud to say we already fixed both. The most impressive one is the Jacuzzi, a pool giving over 1,000% APR to stakeholders. The APR changes over time if more users join the pool.

We encourage our users to check this article to know more about how we calculate our Jacuzzi APR.

We improved minor and major UI issues ✅

The first day of PartySwap was a little messy. First, our website had issues loading the list of piñatas. After checking our server, we discovered massive traffic of users overloaded our application negatively, affecting the platform's performance.

After fixing this by paying for a better server, we made a couple of changes to the user interface. Now the charts section is shown in the top bar of the app. Also, we added some disclaimers to the piñatas that aren't providing rewards.

We are working on a Litepaper V2

Finally, we are working on a Litepaper V2. In this new document, we will add data about our new platform's goalposts. We can upfront that there will be changes on the NFT section while also adding some new applications to improve our APR. We can't say a lot right now! Expect it to be published by the end of this month.

Thanks a lot for the support. We will keep improving in the coming days.

About PartySwap

PartySwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) launched in Avalanche where you can do permissionless swaps between currencies, earn interests in farms and liquidity pools in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem.

If you have inquiries about our platform, please don't feel afraid to ask! [email protected]

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