Character contest winners!

Posted Thursday Aug 26, 2021

#PartySquad, welcome back to our blog. First off, we want to thank everyone who sent us submissions for the character contest. We loved all of them! However, it was tough for us to pick only three, so we chose four proposals instead. Our picks were based on their general composition (colors, clothing, personality, and the animal pick).


Winners will get a message from us through Twitter. Make sure to check your DMs!


We already covered this in our contest announcement, but we will mention them again to be clear about it. Also, we will add the reward for place number four.

We will deliver the rewards one day after the contest ends. Winners can also claim their prizes in $PARTY token once our platform launches (that's up to the winners).

The first place will also receive extra rewards in the future, such as NFTs, merch, and more, inspired on the character they created.

Final words

We want to thank the #AVAX community for their support. We genuinely enjoy doing these events; we know it helps you to spend some time having fun and expectations. We will surely bring more of these contests, so stay tuned by following us through social media.

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