Frequently Asked Questions

Overview 🎉

How can I buy $PARTY?

You can buy $PARTY directly from our platform.

Is the $PARTY token already launched?

The PARTY Token is already deployed on Mainnet but not launched yet. The contract address is here.

Is the $PARTY token listed on any price tracker website?

Yes! It is currently listed on CoinMarketCap, and we are working on listing it on other websites too. To check our CoinMarketCap page, click here

Resources 📚

Do you have a Litepaper?

Yes! Please, click here to check our litepaper.

Where can I see your documentation?

Our GitBook contains all the documentation for PartySwap, here is the link

Where is your branding pack?

Please, check the following article to know everything about our brand. All the branding resources are here

Yield Farming 🚜

What is $PARTY's total supply?

As you can check in our Tokenomics blog post, $PARTY's total supply is 110,000,000 coins. Check the full article here to know more about our token specifications!

Will PartySwap add more Piñatas (Pairs)?

Yes! We plan to add more pairs; we are open to listening to new proposals. If you are a project manager or representative, please send us an email to