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The PartySwap NFTs are here to rock the party!

The collection's first drop is finally here with amazing features and benefits for all the NFT holders. We will feature 3232 unique designs ready to be minted by our users. They were lovingly designed and handcrafted by our team of amazing designers and 3D artists.

Our NFTs will also bring profits to their holders with particular attributes that allow users to get rewards. So expect improvements and benefits in the near future!


Each character holds 4 rarities ranked from "Common" to "Legendary," with more than 30 different accessories to highlight their colorful variations.

Reflections and Buybacks

25% of the collected AVAX will feature a huge $PARTY buyback which will flood our Jacuzzi to benefit our token holders.

Another 15% of the Minting Fees will be reflectively distributed back to the original minters of the collection.


Our collection features the PartySwap main characters, starting with Bunny (PartyBoss) and Bonnie. Other characters will be released in the future.

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